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Menopause Mattress Pad
Menopause  Mattress Pad
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    Code: OutPad
    Price: $119.99
    Shipping Weight: 8.00 pounds
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    Now introducing Feel Cooler®

    The Original Feel Cooler® cooling mattress pad

    The Feel Cooler® cooling mattress pad / topper that response to changes in your body temperature to help you stay cool. Finally there is Mattress Pads that stay Cool! Feel Cooler® Manufactured with Temperature Regulating Technology.

    Feel Cooler® Mattress Pad Price $119.99 - Recommended retail price twin size $199.99

    300 thread count, 100% cotton.
    Deep Pockets. Fits all mattresses up to 17 thick.
    100% hypoallergenic polyester fiberfill.
    Machine washable.


    • Feel Cooler® Twin mattress pad: 39 x 75
    • Feel Cooler® XL Twin mattress pad: 39 x 80.
    • Feel Cooler® Full mattress pad: 54 x 75
    • Feel Cooler® Queen mattress pad: 60 x 80
    • Feel Cooler® King mattress pad: 78 x 80
    • Feel Cooler® Cal-King mattress pad: 72 x 84

    Most people are not getting the best possible night’s rest. Some common causes are night sweats, hot flashes, and thermal incompatibility between partners. The Feel Cooler® mattress pad contains Temperature Regulating technology that actively regulates your body temperature throughout the night.


    Feel Cooler® temperature regulating mattress pad technology is able to absorb, store, and release excess heat when you need it most so you’re not too hot, not too cold® but just right!

    What is Temperature Regulating Technology and how is it different than wicking technologies?

    Temperature Regulating technology is the original temperature regulating technology.using Phase-change materials, Temperature Regulating products are able to proactively regulate your body temperature to reduce sweating and chilling. We know there are other products in the market claiming better comfort through moisture management but Temperature Regulating technology is different. The other products are reactive in the sense that the user must sweat and become uncomfortable prior to receiving any benefit. However, proactive Temperature Regulating technology adapts to your constantly changing temperature to reduce sweating. For example: women experiencing night sweats will receive better benefits with Feel Cooler® than with wicking products because it prevents sweating as opposed to trying to make you comfortable after you start sweating.

    How does it work? Does Feel Cooler® Cooling Mattress Pads Really Work?

    Feel Cooler® balances temperature through the use of patented microencapsulated phase change material that absorb and store excess heat, releasing it when you need it most.

    Will Temperature Regulating technology make me warmer…or cooler?
    Temperature Regulating technology continuously adapts to your changing thermal needs. Whether the environment is cold or warm, products with Temperature Regulating technology balance your temperaturereducing overheating and therefore perspiration. When you’re cold, the result is less chill. When you’re warm, Temperature Regulating technology works to keep your body from breaking a sweat as rapidly as if you were using products without Temperature Regulating technology. You stay more comfortable longer.

    Feel Cooler® - The Mattress Pad for Excessive Sweating! A true sleep cool mattress topper. Simply the best Mattress Pad to keep the body cool.
    Is your polyester mattress to hot? then Feel Cooler® cooling mattress pad will help!.

    Is your Memory Foam Mattress To Hot / Warm? Try Feel Cooler® Cooling Mattress Topper! Feel Cooler® mattress to keep you cool.

    Feel Cooler Mattress Pad was shown by Dr Oz on the Dr Oz Show on Jan 23rd 2012. Dr Oz recommends the Feel Cooler Bedding for a better nights sleep! Dr Oz cooling mattress pad - Feel Cooler!

    Feel Cooler® is a trademark of Gilligan & Ferneman LLC and Feel Cooler® products are only available on Gilligan & Ferneman LLC operated websites and

    All Feel Cooler® Products come with a 30 day unconditional guarantee.
    Try it, if you dont like it then return it within 30 days for a full refund of the product price.
    (minus actual shipping costs if free shipping was applied.)

    Always look for the 20 day return guarantee when you are shopping for Feel Cooler® Bedding.
    Feel Cooler® Mattress Cooling Pad - 20 Day's Guarantee!

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