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Menopause Nightgown
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Menopause SS Gown
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Menopause Mattress Pad
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Menopause Sheets
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Menopause Sleepwear and Menopause Bedding. brings you the best in Menopause Sleepwear and Bedding.

Now introducing Feel Cooler® Bedding - Recommended by Dr Oz on the Dr Oz Show!

Menopausal Women often suffer from Night sweats and have a hard time sleeping. This is a side effect of menopause - Night sweats. In most cases these side effects are harmless, but still very troublesome since its hard to get a good nights sleep when you wake up soaked in sweat.

Menopause Nights is specializing in sleepwear and bedding that can help with these issues. All our sleepwear are made of moisture wicking material that soaks up the sweat, brings it to the surface of the material so it can evaporate much faster and that way keep you much drier and give you a good nights sleep.

All of our pajamas and bedding are made out of Moisture Wicking Material or temperature regulating material. So if you are going through Menopause and are experiencing hot flashes and night sweats then we have the answer for you! So browse our store, find your favorite style and color, and enjoy a good cool dry nights sleep! If you have any questions call our customer service at 877-204-6657 and let us answer your questions.

Menopause Sleepwear and Bedding

Menopause Clothing and Sleepwear is a line of sleepwear especially designed for women who are going through menopause and are suffering from night sweats.

The material is moisture wicking. Its based on the same function that are in sports apparel, the material is designed to wick away the sweat from your body to the outside of the material and that way the sweat will evaporate and the sleepwear will dry much faster. When you use menopause pajamas / Cooling Pajamas - sleepwear you will experience a much dryer and cooler feeling during the night. is proud to bring you the largest selection of Menopause sleepwear online!

Check out our new line - Feel Cooler® Bedding

Feel Cooler® Mattress Pad - Feel Cooler® Pillow - Feel Cooler® Blanket

Recommended by Dr Oz.

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